This is a Turner Mark 1 built in 1959. A total of 685 Turners were produced over ten years. Approximately 260 are still in existence, 90 of those in the United States. Of the 685 Turners produced, 106 were Mark 1 models.



Country of Origin Great Britain
Produced In 1959
Numbers Built 106
Weight (without driver) 1332 lbs
Engine BMC A Inline 4
Engine Location Front Mounted
Displacement 948 cc modified to 998 cc
Valve Train Pushrod with Roller Rockers
Fuel Feed Twin 1 1/4" S U Carbs w/ electric fuel pump
Aspiration Naturally Aspirated
Gearbox Jon Stamps Close Ration Ribcage
Drive Rear Wheel Drive/4.55 Ratio/Billet Axles
Power 84 bhp @ 6900 RPM
BHP/Liter 84
Torque 72 ft/lbs @ 5200 RPM
Power to Weight Ratio 13.3 lbs/hp
Top Speed 110 MPH
0-60 mph Acceleration 10.8 Seconds