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The purpose of this site is to chronicle the fun and excitement of vintage racing. Our car is a 1959 Turner Mark 1. My wife and I used to both race and also crew for each other. Two years ago, while leading a race, she rolled the car in turn three at New Hampshire International Speedway. ( you can see the video on the video page) She wasn't hurt, but she decided to hang up her driving suit. She still attends all of the races but now functions as my crew chief and favorite honey. We race with several different vintage race groups against various cars of similar weight and engine displacement.

We typically compete in 8 to 10 racing weekends per season. Most of our racing is done with the VSCCA (Vintage Sports Car Club of America) and VRG (Vintage Racer Group). I also race with SVRA (Sports Car Vintage Racing Association) and VSCDA (Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association).

To see the schedule of dates and times go to the schedule page. For results go to the race results page. For more information on the car and engine go to the specifications page.

Our race team, Bova Racing, got its name because my three sons and I have been involved in some form of racing over the course of our lives. This includes drag racing, go-cart racing, motorcycle racing, sailboat racing and sportscar racing. At the age of 15 with my help each of my sons began a restoration project on a car of their choice. We restored two Mustangs a 1967 and a 1968 and a 1976 Camaro. Since we all have been involved with cars in one way or another the name Bova Racing seemed appropriate. We originally named the team BovaBoyz Racing but my wife and daughters in law ganged up on me so we changed the name. Once my wife started racing it did seem more appropriate.

Vintage Racing is a growing sport. It entails essentially old people driving old cars that they couldn't afford when they were younger. ( I have heard from some of my fellow racers who take exception to being called old, so you may substitute the word mature where appropriate). Don't be fooled by the age category of the drivers, many have been driving for years and are very capable.

The events are mostly club events and the competition while heated at times is mostly very well mannered. Since there is no money or fame to be won and repairing vintage cars can be costly, bumping and punting encounters are avoided

The camaraderie of the drivers and the active social aspects of the sport make for a very enjoyable sport. A sport where you can have fun and build your skill at the same time, a skill that comes in handy every time you climb behind the wheel of a car. If you have the desire, the time and the money go for it.


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